Karisa Klee Visits Ashford Manor, and gives Athens, GA an Adult “Re-Do”

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karisa kleeBlogstress/Adventuress Karisa Klee decided that it was time to give Athens, GA the post-college tourist treatment. What she found was a city full of foodie delights, culture, and charm that escpaed her during here early twenties. Ashford Manor was her home base during her delightful excursion, as she broke out of her Atlanta 9-5 routine and headed east for some southern hospitality Athens, GA style.

Karisa is a- a full-time attorney and part-time adventuress, and her blog Flirting with the Globe is filled with travel tips for the working stiff.

Check out the link below, and then give us a call so we can be your next adventure home base as well! A break from the norm is just what you need!



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