Bonus! Ashford Manor is the perfect place for your wedding, and your engagement photos! Check out my gorgeous fall photo session!

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As Wedding & Events Director at Ashford Manor, as well as a bride-to-be the past few months have been full of new experiences for me! Even wedding professionals have anxieties and difficulty making decisions when it comes to their own personal big day!  One of the easiest decision I made, and the first one was venue. I have chosen Ashford Manor for my wedding, and although most might say that was the easy way out, one important reason I chose this place was the versatility of the venue. Amongst many other benefits, one that gets overlooked a lot is that Ashford Manor offers its betrothed couples exclusive access to the grounds for not only their wedding day, but also for engagement photo sessions! In an effort to get the word out about how wonderful this is I grabbed my loving, patient and considerate fiancé, as well as, one of the most enthusiastic and talented photographers I know, and we began our own wedded journey in the same place it will end later this year, in the breathtaking, magical,  terraced Ashford Manor gardens.

Hair & Makeup by Town Center Salon & Spa 

Photography by Signs & Wonders 


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