Blog Hop: Getting Organized When Venue Shopping For Your Wedding

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Welcome to our very first Blog Hop for 2015!

This month we want to help you start the year off by getting organized as you’re planning your wedding or event. Get ready for some great ideas to help you reduce stress and enjoy the planning process as you move along through the blog hop. You may just be starting the blog hop or may have come from #27  Sandy Salle at Hills of Africa Travel on Natalie’s Blog Hop. If you get off track at any time, the full lineup below will help you move along from blog to blog so you make sure to see and learn from all of the articles featured here today.

A venue is a blank slate, the physical representation of the space where you are going to make all your wedding dreams come true, and as exciting as this sounds it can also be a daunting task to say the very least! One of the first choices you will make after getting engaged is venue. Your venue choice determines many key factors of wedding planning it’s an important decision that should be made early in your planning process. When venue shopping knowing that your options are limitless or limited in a certain way are key in factors in making the important decision on the space that will host your dream day. Time to get organized and shop venues with a plan!

Location –  For obvious reasons this is a very important decision that you two should make early in your planning stages. Now, I am not just talking church, hotel or garden, but city as well! Are you thinking island destination wedding, or do you want to return to your hometown for your special day. What about getting married in the city that the two of you have begun to build the foundation for your life together in, or returning to the town that you met and fell in love in. So many choices to make right out the gate so start by narrowing down your options with some fun and engaging conversations between you and your betrothed. Once you have chosen a physical location, then the fun venue search can began.

Schedule an appointment   After your initial searches have helped you to figure out a few of your favorite venues, make sure to schedule an appointment for a viewing, or inquire directly with the facility what their policy is on tours and consultations. If you show up unannounced at a venue than your experience might not be as informative or complete as it could be. You don’t want to walk away from your time at a venue with unanswered questions or by inadvertently crashing another event. Individuals in charge of sales for venues want each couple to have their own personalized tour and experience that is informative and not rushed, so schedule ahead and let them pamper you with details and time!

Budget & Packages Venue shopping is unfortunately not an apples to apples comparison process. You can generate a list of pros and cons for each venue, but a more accurate determination of whether a venue will make it into your final list could be pre-determining what is important to you. Some venues will require the use of in house caterers, designers, etc. Other venues may be open to letting you choose your own vendors. Other venue packages could include staff, equipment or overnight accommodations. If you have an idea prior to your on-site appointments what elements are important to you, then you will be more prepared with the right questions, and focus for a very productive day. My personal recommendations for venue criteria and questions are as follows:

  • Access- Do you have exclusive access to the venue, and for how long?
  • Vendors- Do they require you to use certain vendors, or can you make your own vendor decisions?
  • Price- Is this venue priced to work for your budget, without stretching your resources too far?
  • Indoor/Outdoor- Is the venue indoors or outside, and what is the weather back up plan?
  • Property Specifics – What all is included and who is responsible for set up breakdown, and clean up?
  • Rules- does the venue have policies on music, sparklers, etc…you need to know because if you break a rule you could lose your deposit!

Date  Finally, depending on your planning style you may have determined your date first, however I recommend waiting until you have determined a budget and visited venues before 100% settling on a date, but to each their own. You could have a very small window to coordinate with wedding party and family schedules, and that is absolutely understandable as well. I would at the very least know before your venue appointment what time of year, month or days of the week are your best options. Knowing that you want a fall or spring wedding is important, or that a Sunday could be a possibility if it makes your dream venue fit inside your actual budget. Either way once you decide on a venue and lock in your date all the pieces of your wedding puzzle will start to fit together like magic!

With a venue determined you are well on your way to planning the perfect for you wedding! Remember this day is about you and your significant other, and the vision and venue should represent something special about who you are, and who you are to each other. Happy shopping!

For more information on Ashford Manor weddings please visit our wedding website at who knows, we might just be the perfect venue for you!

The next stop on Natalie’s Blog Hop is # 29 Daphne Simpson at Elite Design, thank you for stopping by and I hope to see you often on our blog, and definitely on next months Blog Hop!

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